About Us

Andrew Miller







 Game Developer

Since the age of 6 Andrew Miller has always had a passion for Jurassic Park. This passon would follow him into his teens when he decided to take an interest in the field of VFX. Currently Andrew is studying a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Game Design at Evocca College and will use Jurassic Park Racer as his major project. When not working on his project, he travels through space and time looking for adventure.

James McQuade







Website and Logo Design


Based in Sydney, Australia, James specialises in multiple areas including Corporate ID, Company Rebranding, Print Design, Video Editing and Website Design.
In his spare time, he enjoys jamming on his left-handed guitar(s), watching movies and talking in the 3rd person.

Robert Fabiani




Character and Enviornment Developer


Robert Fabiani is recent graduate of Ex’pression College of Digital Art, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Game Art and Design. He has received the proper training in Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, UDK and Z-Brush and specialize in Character modeling, textures, and lighting as well. Robert has a strong passion for sculpting fictional creatures and always appreciates feedback from others. He's a hard-working and dedicated person who is fun loving with a tremendous sense of humor.